Custom Dog Pillow

by MrsCopyCat


Turn Your Dog's Adorable Mug into a Cuddle Companion
Fido's finest picture awaits transformation into a double-sided plush pillow. Ideal for dog fanatics, tiny tots or someone mourning their four-legged best friend, it's a genius gift you didn't know you needed.

Crafted in Ventura, California, these pet-inspired pillows are much more than stitch and stuffing. They're neatly brought to life with a meticulous eye for detail, the choicest of fabrics, and ink that would impress even Picasso himself.

Fear not, your dog's dashing face won't flutter away after a trip to the laundry. We employ the sublime sublimation printing technique on a fur-mimicking Minky fabric. Colors promise to stay put, resist fading and happily weather a machine wash or a tumble dry on low heat. Woof-ful magic is on its way, folks!

Just upload your high resolution/quality photograph, we cut it out and send you a proof before printing the fabric. 

Custom Dog Shaped Photo Pillow:

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Made of 100% soft Minky fabric
  • Double sided print
  • Your pillow length/width is based on the shape of your photo! Long skinny pics make skinnier plushies than hedd shots or full body images


  • Nickel-plated/High quality
  • Size: key Ring 1” diameter
  • Swivel: 16 x 7mm


  • Has a green rat tail loop for hanging


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