Personalized Bloody Cleaver Catnip Toy


Don't be fooled by its gruesome name - the Bloody Cleaver catnip toy is the cat's meow! Made from soft plush fabric, let your cat get ready for some serious playtime.  This organic catnip toy is a 9 inch long Minky fabric plush with a bloody paw print design and your cat's NAME!

bloody cleaver icon Mrscopycat Personalized Bloody Cleaver Catnip Toy

 9 inches long

bloody cleaver icon Mrscopycat Catnip Silver Vine Blend grown organically in the USA

bloody cleaver icon Mrscopycat Non-GMO

bloody cleaver icon Mrscopycat Handmade from Minky fabric

Recharge with our Killer Catnip Spray

Cat should be supervised during play. Inspect regularly and replace if any part becomes damaged.

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