Pug Plush Toy Pillow PERCY

by MrsCopyCat

Size:4" keychain

Feeling lonely? Meet Percy - a downright funny and charming Pug Plush Toy Pillow! His endearing face and cheeky little bum are simply adorable.
Cuddly to the max, Percy is handmade with ultra-soft Minky and plush stuffing - he's practically begging you to squeeze him!

His features? Absolutely irresistible, bound to melt even the coldest hearts. Decked out in distinct shades using top-notch sublimation printing, Percy promises to keep his good looks for the long haul.
Cleaning Percy is a breeze! Just pop him in for a gentle, low-temp rinse and tumble dry.

So, why the hold up? Let the heartwarming bond with Percy commence!

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