XXL Bloody Knife Catnip Kicker Toy


Don’t let these innocent faces fool you! The evidence speaks for itself! The ORIGINAL Bloody Knife Catnip Toy with paw print makes it easy to convict the suspect and brings killer cats behind bars! 
Proven guilty many times!

  • The ORIGINAL Bloody Knife© Catnip Kicker Toy in XXL!
  • Size 16" tall
  • Comes with FREE small cute sticker!
  • Individually handmade and stuffed with 
  • Organic catnip and silver vine mix and
  • Premium polyester fibers so it won’t lose its shape over time
  • 1 Jingle ball
  • Also as a cute sticker here or for dogs!


About the Catnip

  • Filled with the ULTIMATE BLEND catnip and silver vine mix
  • Grown organically in Washington State, USA
  • Non-GMO


No toy is indestructible. Please supervise and remove from pet when fabric shows holes!

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