Tuxedo Kitten Plush Toy Pillow PICASSO

by MrsCopyCat

Size:3" keychain

Meet 'PICASSO', our heartwarming Tuxedo Kitten Plush Toy Pillow. Isn't his endearing half 'stache melting your heart already?
Our plush catty gentleman is brought to life with an exquisite handiwork, made with only the best materials. Every fabric, stuffing, and ink detail is meticulously taken care of. The pillow design is crafted from a cherished photo of 'PICASSO' from my personal collection.

Concerns about the print fading or bleeding are a thing of the past with our advanced sublimation technique. 'PICASSO's print remains bright and crisp even after machine-washing and tumble-drying on low. Hence, 'PICASSO' is all set to shower love and cuddles for upcoming years.

Still contemplating? Well, let's not! Extend a warm welcome to 'PICASSO' into your lovely abode today! Also, don't forget to have a look at our collection of other exquisite Tuxedo Cats.

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