Vampire Cat Plush Toy Pillow RAVIOLI

Size:4" keychain

Hey cat lovers and Halloween fans! We're thrilled to introduce our Vampire Cat-Themed Plush Toy Pillow, named 'RAVIOLI'. We crossed paths with his fur-parent at 'CatCon', and let us assure you, RAVIOLI is as authentic as it gets – Fangs and all!

With an abundance of love, top-tier fabrics, stuffing, and inks have been fashioned into this frightfully delightful creation. The charming RAVIOLI's likeness has been hand-drawn and printed, with no tech shortcut in sight!

Thanks to our high-end sublimation printing, these sprightly colored plushies will keep their hue & vibrancy through every succeeding All Hallows' Eve. Concerned about dust collecting on his cape? Well, worry no more! Our pillows are machine friendly - both washable and dryable at low temperatures.

Be assured that these plushies are here to keep your spooky spirits high for the years to come.
Here's RAVIOLI wishing you a fangtastic Halloween!

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