Killer Catnip Oil Spay


Without A doubt, one of the most potent catnip oil spray on the market. Made from essential oil extracted from our legendary catnip buds and distilled water. It can be used to rejuvenate old toys, or as a training tool for cat beds or scratch post.


  • Killer Catnip Spray Rejuvenator 
  • Size 1oz
  • Entice and engage your feline friend with the pure, simple goodness of one of the most potent catnip sprays on the market.
  • Formulated with 100% pure catnip essential oil that is steam-distilled from fresh catnip buds for maximum potency and concentration.
  • The catnip buds are grown in Washington state and hand-harvested at the height of their oil content.
  • Use a few sprays to renew his interest in an old toy, introduce a new bed, or redirect his attention to a scratching post.
  • Each one-ounce bottles contains about 200 sprays; made by a sustainable, earth-friendly and family-owned U.S. business

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