Tuxedo Cat Acrylic Pin PLOOMY

by MrsCopyCat


Behold, our Acrylic Pins! The perfect fusion of artistry and kitty cuteness, right from Uncle Sam's Land. Meet the PLOOMY Tuxedo Cat Pin. A product of original creation, standing 1.25" tall - full of grandeur in its tiny stature.
Crafted from a sturdy and clear acrylic material, its unique style is a spectacle to behold. Imprinted in a spectrum of colors, the print takes on the shape of the beloved Tuxedo Cat.
Each pin sports a resilient rubber clutch. Now you can jazz up your clothes, knapsack, or add-ons with ease. All this goodness created right here in the USA. It's all set, packed, and raring to be sent your way.
Get rid of the protective film before you start boasting about it. Your pin comes smartly placed in a re-sealable plastic baggy, cozy against a business card to prevent any mishap - face down for safety, always. A little extra precaution never hurt anybody!
Go ahead, get cute!

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