Pitbull Puppy Dog Plush Toy Pillow SPIKE

by MrsCopyCat

Size:4" keychain

'SPIKE' was among our pioneer line of portrait pillows. How about becoming the proud owner of "Spike", an adorable Pitbull Puppy Plush Toy Pillow decked out with a bandana?

Hand crafted using ultra-soft Minky and filled with plush stuffing, Spike is all set to be your ultimate cuddle companion.
His cute features are bound to make you go "aww", plus, you have the choice of 3 distinct styles – credit goes to our customers, requestiing different colors of the little guy. Sublimation printing method making each print enduring.

Worried about cleanliness? Fret not! Cleaning your new companion is a breeze- just give Spike a gentle, low-temperature wash and spin dry.
So, don't wait! Embark on a delightful journey of friendship with Spike, your new bestie!

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